We spent last weekend in Greenwood, SC sampling the Q and visiting some of the teams. It was a great event. Not too hot and plenty of interesting BBQ folk. While taking pictures of some of the teams during turn in prep, we were treated to a few samples of their turn in Q.  Based on those samples I am sure the judges had a great day tasting some really good Q. There was one slightly annoying aspect of the entire event- Food Network. They had at least six full camera crews setup and roaming around at the event. They were from the Food Network Challenge TV series. They had trip hazards everywhere. Between Bub-Ba-Q and Checkered Pig it was like a full TV studio setup (see pictures below). I guess that’s the price you pay for BBQ fame.

Google map of the teams: LINK

Competition results: LINK

All of our pictures from the contest: LINK

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